Hello crossword enthusiasts and foodies alike! Today, we’re blending the best of both worlds with a casual crossword adventure centered around the tantalizing topic of high-fat diets.

Grab a snack, sharpen your pencils, and let’s embark on a culinary journey filled with savory clues.

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  1. Healthy fat found in avocados (7 letters)
    • Hint: Creamy, green, and the darling of every health-conscious kitchen.
  2. A type of diet that emphasizes high fat and low carbs (11 letters)
    • Hint: The trendy way to eat that has everyone talking about fats and ketosis.
  3. Nutrient-rich fish known for its high omega-3 fatty acids (4 letters)
    • Hint: Swims in schools, packs a punch of omega-3s, and graces many high-fat tables.
  4. Popular cooking oil with monounsaturated fats (6 letters)
    • Hint: Liquid gold of the Mediterranean, a heart-healthy oil for all your culinary adventures.
  5. Processed snacks often high in unhealthy fats (9 letters)
    • Hint: Beware! These tempting treats lurk in the snack aisle, loaded with fats of the less desirable kind.
  6. Creamy spread made from grounded sesame seeds (8 letters)
    • Hint: A nutty delight that elevates your high-fat snacking game.
  7. A source of healthy fats, often used in salads (5 letters)
    • Hint: Drizzle it over your greens for a burst of flavor and heart-healthy fats.
  8. Low-carb, high-fat state the body enters during certain diets (7 letters)
    • Hint: The magical metabolic state where fats become the primary energy source.
  9. Nutrient-rich seeds often used in high-fat diets (6 letters)
    • Hint: Tiny powerhouses that add crunch and nutritional value to your high-fat recipes.
  10. A fruit high in healthy fats and potassium (6 letters)
    • Hint: Creamy, dreamy, and a nutrient-packed addition to your high-fat lifestyle.



  1. Animal product high in saturated fats (5 letters)
    • Hint: Sizzling in the skillet, a breakfast favorite that comes with a fat-focused twist.
  2. A type of fatty acid found in olive oil (9 letters)
    • Hint: The heart-pleasing component of olive oil, a staple in the high-fat kitchen.
  3. Low-carb, high-fat beverage popular in the keto diet (4 letters)
    • Hint: Kickstart your day with a cup of this magical elixir to embrace the wonders of ketosis.
  4. Fatty fish often used in high-fat diets (6 letters)
    • Hint: Swims in the sea, rich in omega-3s, and a top choice for high-fat nutrition.
  5. A low-carb, high-fat snack made from dried meat (6 letters)
    • Hint: Jerky lovers rejoice! This portable snack is a flavorful blend of protein and fats.
  6. Type of fat found in nuts and seeds (10 letters)
    • Hint: The unsung hero of nutty delights, adding richness and nutritional goodness.
  7. Butter alternative made from avocados (6 letters)
    • Hint: Creamy, green, and a versatile substitute that brings a buttery touch to your dishes.
  8. Type of diet that promotes ketosis (4 letters)
    • Hint: Cut the carbs, embrace the fats – you’re on the right track with this popular diet trend.
  9. High-fat dairy product often used in cooking (4 letters)
    • Hint: Creamy and decadent, a dairy delight that adds a luxurious touch to your culinary creations.
  10. Processed foods with unhealthy fats, often fried (7 letters)
    • Hint: Tempting, but tread carefully – these fried delights are a cautionary tale of unhealthy fats.


Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for – the answers! Drumroll, please…


  1. Avocado
  2. Ketogenic
  3. Tuna
  4. Oliveoil
  5. Junkfood
  6. Tahini
  7. Olive
  8. Ketosis
  9. Chia
  10. Banana

Down: 11. Bacon

  1. Oleicacid
  2. Chai
  3. Salmon
  4. Jerky
  5. Polyunsat
  6. AvoButter
  7. Keto
  8. Ghee
  9. Friedfood

Enjoy the crossword journey, and may your high-fat culinary explorations be as satisfying as finding the right answers! Happy solving!

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